The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO L'Etoile Yellow

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CHARACTER : dry & powerful

VARIETY : Savagnin

L'Étoile is the only Jura appellation that produces no red wines. But fortunately, it does produce a vin jaune! Vinified in much the same way as the celebrated Château-Chalon, l'Étoile version of vin jaune is also made exclusively from the Savagnin grape. Ageing for at least six years and three months in oak casks gives the wine exceptional properties. For example, it will keep for a very long time, as much as 100 years! Its bouquet is characterized by the walnutty notes so typical of Jura wines, and the long finish also includes honey and grilled almond flavours. Like other vins jaunes produced in the Jura region, l'Étoile combines perfectly with white meats in a creamy sauce or morel mushroom, as well as with Comté-style cheeses and walnut-based desserts.


> White meats in a cream sauce
> Morel mushroom pie
> Local cheeses
> Walnut desserts

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