The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Côtes-du-Jura Yellow

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CHARACTER : dry & powerful

VARIETY : Savagnin

Vin jaune is successfully grown throughout the Côtes-du-Jura region. Thanks to the Savagnin grape, its ultra-long ageing process and the famous skin of yeast (which prevents it from oxidizing), it develops some amazing organoleptic properties. On nose and palate, it releases notes of walnut and of both dried and fresh fruit, and is exceptionally long in the mouth. In common with the Jura's other yellow wines, Côtes-du-Jura is available only in special 62ml bottles. Why this particular volume? Simply because, after ageing, 62ml is the amount that remains from one litre of Savignin. A vin jaune serves as a magnificent accompaniment to white meat dishes such as capon with morel mushrooms or chicken in the local comtoise style. It is also a perfect match for regional cheeses, including the stronger-tasting ones, as well as walnut-based desserts.


> White meats
> Pullet with morels
> Chicken à la comtoise
> Local cheeses
> Walnut desserts

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