The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Château-Chalon

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CHARACTER : Dry & powerful

VARIETY : Savagnin

Château-Chalon is the vineyard where vin jaune was born, the star of this exceptional appellation. Here they make only vin jaune, and they make it very well indeed! We have this village to thank that vin jaune is regarded as one of the world?s great wines. Powerful, rare and much sought-after, it is cask-aged for seven or eight years and will keep for a century or more. Made exclusively from the Savagnin grape, it develops a characteristic aroma of walnut, combined with dried fruits and quince, and lingers long on the palate. In short, a wine both unique and or a rare excellence. A legendary wine to savour with meats cooked in a cream sauce (poulet de Bresse with morel mushrooms), veined cheeses or such regional specialities as old Comté and walnut tarts.


> Meats in a cream sauce
> Bresse chicken with morels
> Blue cheeses
> Walnut tart

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