The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Arbois Yellow

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CHARACTER : dry & heady

VARIETY : Savagnin

AOP Arbois is one of the areas in which vin jaune is produced. This unique wine with its attractive yellow colour is made exclusively from the Savagnin grape. Following fermentation, it must be kept for at least six years and three months in oak casks with no further intervention. When the ageing process is completed, it is transferred to special 62ml bottles known as clavelins. The wine has a delicious bouquet: no other wine, anywhere in the world, develops such a wealth of aromas as it ages. On the palate, you can detect walnut, hazelnut and spicy flavours (curry and saffron), and the wine has an exceptional richness. It is at its best with dishes such as poulet de Bresse, cooked of course in vin jaune! But it also combines well with local cheeses such as Comté or Bleu de Gex and, when it comes to dessert, with walnut cake.


> Meats
> Bresse chicken with a vin jaune jus
> Local cheeses
> Desserts
> Walnut cakes

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