The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Crémant du Jura "Rosé"

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CHARACTER : fruity & floral

VARIETY : Poulsard / Pinot noir / Trousseau

Accounting for just 10% of the production of this appellation, Crémant du Jura "rosé", like its white sister, is made from hand-picked grapes. All five Jura grape varieties may be used, but at least 50% must be Poulsard, Pinot noir or Trousseau. Crémant du Jura rosé features slightly sharp red fruit aromas, while the Poulsard grape provides a spicy note. Served as an aperitif, its delicate bubbles are a perfect match for smoked belly of pork with prunes. When it comes to the dessert, it goes well with Fougerolles cherry pancakes or fruit tarts.


> Tapas
> Smoked pork belly with prunes
> Desserts
> Fougerolles cherry crêpes
> Fruit tarts

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