The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Côtes-du-Jura White

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CHARACTER : dry & lively*

VARIETY : Chardonnay / Savagnin

Covering an area of 640 ha, Côtes-du-Jura vines are to be found in all parts of the Jura wine-growing region, both north and south. Most of the wines of this appellation are white. They differ from Arbois wines, which are more sophisticated and complex. Some Côtes-du-Jura whites are floral in character, testifying to a predominance of Chardonnay. They are made in just the same way as Burgundy wines. The casks are topped up** to prevent oxidization. There are also traditional Côtes-du-Jura whites, made from a blend of Chardonnay and Savagnin grapes. On contact with the air, these wines oxidize slightly, acquiring a delicate walnut flavour, a distinctive feature of Jura wines. Côtes-du-Jura, both floral and traditional, are excellent drunk as an aperitif, or with white meats, soufflés and cheeses such as Comté and Morbier. The floral varieties go well with grilled fish, while the traditional types are perfect with veined cheeses such as Bleu de Gex, fish in a cream sauce, exotic dishes and mushrooms.

*Lively: light and fresh-looking.
**Topped up: the cask is topped up to prevent evaporation and the oxidization that would otherwise result.


> Tapas
> Fish
> Charcuterie
> Local cheeses
> Soufflés
> white meats
> Exotic cuisine
> Mushrooms

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