The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Savoie Mondeuse

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CHARACTER : fruity and assertive*

VARIETY : Mondeuse

The Mondeuse grapes principally cultivated in Arbin (30 hectares) and Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte (20 hectares) belong to a variety related to the Shiraz family from the Rhone Valley. They produce wines with great character that should be preserved for at least five years if their personality is to develop fully. After 10 years, they rival even the finest Burgundy wines. La Mondeuse d?Arbin is instantly recognisable by its peppery flavour, and is arguably the most esteemed Savoy red. La Mondeuse de Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte is more assertive, with an even more peppery taste and stronger berry aromas. These wines are a fine compliment to Diot sausages, game and La Tome des Bauges cheese.

*Assertive: powerful and full-bodied, with distinctive tannins.


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