The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Savoie Abymes

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CHARACTER : crisp* and mineral*

VARIETY : Jacquère

Born from the Jacquère variety, the Abymes vineyard is one of the most renowned in Savoy. Sprawling over 300 hectares, it represents 20% of the region?s white wine production. Abymes is a light, fresh wine with citrus aromas that should be enjoyed young. It is distinguished by soft, almond notes and an inimitable minerality that characterises the most exceptional terroirs. Beaufort, fondue, raclette and hazelnut saucisson make marvellous accompaniments, as do trout meunière and shellfish, including oysters.

*Crisp: light and fresh.
*Mineral: an elegant, easy-to-digest wine with notes of rubbed stone or flint.


> Tapas
> Cheeses
> Tartiflette
> Fondue
> Raclette
> Diot sausages
> Croziflette
> Trout meunière
> Oysters and shellfish

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