The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Savoie Apremont

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CHARACTER : crisp* and mineral*

VARIETY : Jacquère

This wine, produced using Jacquère grapes, is one of Savoy?s star wines. Grown over an area of 400 hectares, Apremont is a very dry wine that is white-gold in colour with hints of green. Its nose offers citrus tones and spring flowers, with a taste of gunflint. With a low alcohol content and light body, it is crisp and renowned for its natural, light sparkle. It is best consumed young and is unrivalled when paired with local cheese-based specialties. Its elegance is best showcased, however, alongside trout meunière or hazelnut saucisson.

*Crisp: light and fresh.
*Mineral: an elegant, easy-to-digest wine with notes of rubbed stone or flint.


> Tapas
> Cheeses
> Fondue
> Raclette
> Tartiflette
> Diot sausages
> Croziflette
> Trout meunière
> Oysters and shellfish

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