The right
      wine for
            your meal
The right wine for your meal

Appellation PDO Savoie Chignin Bergeron

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CHARACTER : supple* with hints of apricot

VARIETY : Roussanne

Originating from the same terroir as Chignin, this little gem is cultivated over an area of 90 hectares and is made from Roussanne grapes, also found in the Rhone Valley. Chignin-Bergeron is a delicate wine, replete with elegance and character. It is pale yellow in colour whilst young, and matures to a delicious buttercup hue. Featuring peach, violet and strong apricot notes, its best bottles can be kept for up to ten years. Ideal for a feast, it is peerless when matched with shellfish and fish, including Arctic char, another Savoy speciality.

*Supple: a full-bodied, sweet wine.


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